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Total Dog Training Liverpool: Max the Black German Sheppard

Max Dog Walking in Liverpool

Max, Total Dog Training – Session 1

Max’s owner called us in for a couple of reasons; Max is extremely nervous and at 9 months old, is still toileting in the owner’s home.

I went to visit Max in his home to assess his issues and to see were we our dog training classes in Liverpool could help. I saw straight away Max was a really nervous dog and he seemed to be anxious of everything in his environment.

Max’s owner and I decided it would be best for him to spend a couple of days with me and my pack to help him with his nervousness and anxiety developing his confidence and trust.

Max came to stay with me for a couple of days this week to work on his nervousness and anxiety, he’s done really well. The first time I took him out he was cowering away from other people and dogs and scarpering from any sudden movements or loud noises.

He’s now walking right by my side with no pulling holding his head high showing little to no nervousness. I have made Max face all of his fears and brought him through it with no harm coming to him. We have introduced a new feeding pattern and food for Max that his owners can continue with once he goes back home. Overall, Max’s cases has been a great success. I would love to keep Max myself as my personal dog to help us out with Dog Training Liverpool rehabilitations – it’s sad to see him go!

Total Dog Training Liverpool: Daisy the Labrador Retriever

Daisy, Total Dog Training – Session 2

For Daisy’s next session, I wanted to challenge her so I took her out of her home environment and repeated the routine from the first session.  I then also took Daisy out for a dog walking in liverpool exercise, teaching her how to walk on a leash with no pulling. After about 5 minutes, Daisy walked like the perfect dog.

I took her and my Dogue (Neo) to a local park and continued with Daisy’s obedience training. With Daisy being deaf, it was tricky teaching her to come back on command but we got there with the help of my canine assistant Neo. Daisy’s owners want weekly dog training sessions to develop her into the perfect obedient dog, so we will be updating her story weekly.

Total Dog Training Liverpool: Daisy the Labrador Retriever

Actual photo of Daisy outside our boarding kennels in Liverpool

Daisy’s owners called me because they wanted to create and maintain a calm submissive balanced dog from the start. Daisy is still only a puppy so choosing to correct her behaviour early is the best decision her owners will make for her.

When Daisy’s owner first brought her home, they noticed there was something not quite right about her and over the weeks that past it soon became apparent that Daisy was completely deaf in one ear and has very poor hearing in the other. Daisy’s family wanted me to go through some dog training with her, using both sound and hand signals for every command.

Daisy, Total Dog Training – Session 1

I visited Daisy’s home for the initial consultation to observe her behavior; straight away I installed some rules, boundaries and limitations while in the house and got to work with some basic obedience. With Daisy being a puppy, I understood we had to keep her attention with fun, five minute bursts of training – with lots of reward. After our first dog training session, Daisy had learnt some puppy manners, how to approach humans and she was now sitting on command and could wait on one spot for a short period – something which she had not done before. With everybody happy, I left the family with some homework until our next session.

Total Dog Training Liverpool: Jack the Jack Russell

Actual photo of Jack

Jack Came to Total Dog Training Liverpool today for a 1 day assessment and rehabilitation, his owner reported to me that Jack would show aggression toward her and other people and dogs causing dog fights also at home he is possessive and dominant with toys recently Jack showed aggression toward a 3 year girl and his owner had had enough

Jack, Total Dog Training – Session 1

With a calm assertive pack leader Jack quickly adapted to the new rules, he was introduced to around 15 new dogs today during our dog training classes in Liverpool.

At first he displayed aggression trying to go into an attack state by the end of the day Jack was sleeping and playing with my Dogue (Neo), also his dominant behavior towards toys is now under control.

I now feel Jack has some rules, boundaries and limitations to go back home with. We are following up with a follow up dog training session next week at Jacks home to see his progress.